WoW Priest Leveling Guide – Use a Leveling Addon

Most people looking for a WoW Priest Leveling Guide are generally looking for ways they can level a priest as fast as possible.

This is because most believe this class is the hardest to level in the game. The reality is a good WoW leveling addon makes getting any toon to the level cap relatively easy.

As far as what talent build to play for your new priest, I recommend trying out all 3 as you level so you can get a feel for what you will want to do once at the level cap.

A good starting point would be the Shadow tree because you are really going to be limited for healing at lower levels.

Middle levels are usually pretty good for checking out the Holy tree because you will have more survivability with higher level healing spells and you will probably want to run more dungeons. You can get into groups pretty fast as a healer and the 40-60 range is very easy to heal 5-man groups.

I always recommend any new WoW priest try out the Discipline tree once you get closer to the level cap because it is the most fun talent build in my opinion. This spec works well for dungeons, tank healing in 10 or 25 man raid groups and is simply a blast in PVP.

Of course all of the talent builds for this class are extremely powerful and fun at the level cap. The Shadow build can pull some pretty sick damage for players who understand how to play the class.

The Best WoW Quest Helper

Why do we want the best WoW Quest Helper?

Most of the time it is because we are a new player or an older player looking to level faster as well as maximize limited playing time.

So, what is the difference between any old QuestHelper and the best WoW Quest Helper?

There actually is a huge difference.

The best of these are in game World Of Warcraft leveling addons that guide players through the fastest leveling paths in the game.

We are not talking about running around randomly picking up quests and hoping our addon is going to route us in the most efficient manner.

The best leveling addons grab you by the hand starting at level 1 or whatever you may be with your current toon and walking you through what quests to pick up, where to go to complete them in the most efficient manner and back to turn them in.

You don’t have to worry about what zone to move to next when you finish in a zone because the best questing guide not only tells you where to go but provides an in game directional arrow to guide you there.

I have been using these programs for about 3 years now because they help me make the most of my playing time.

I can knock out large groups of quests very quickly and still have time to do other things in the game like work professions, battlegrounds or group dungeon runs.

We all pay a nice chunk of money to play WoW every year plus the cost of the game and expansions. Why not get the best WoW Quest Helper to level toons fast and get the most out of whatever playing time you have available.

WoW Bot – InnerSpace Guide

First off, I’d like to explain some terms. Innerspace is an operating system, not a bot. Many people will be peeved if you say that. Openbot is a program/plugin/whatever that runs on innerspace. Openbot is a bot. Get these down and you’ll save the openbot vets some hair.

Innespace is NOT free. And I did’t find a crack yet. Yes you will need to pay for it if you’d like to use it. It will cost you $10 for a 3-month subscription. This is cheaper than glider elite. If you’d like to subscribe to use this bot register an account, and subscribe from there.

Once you have an account subscribed, you can start this guide.

-Setting up Software-

1. Download and install the latest version of Innerspace.

2. Download the latest version of ISXWoW and ISXWarden. Always keep these up to date!

Install ISXWoW by running the installer if you downloaded that, or if you downloaded the zip, extract ISXWoW.dll into the Extentions folder and the other files into your Interface folder.

Install ISXWarden by simply extracting the .dll to the Extensions directory of your Innerspace installation.

3. Launch innerspace, right click on the little crosshairs icon, and click configuration.

4. Click on the “Game Configuration” tab and select World of Warcraft from the dropdown menu. Click Startup.

-Ingame Openbot Setup-

1. Once Innerspace is loaded with WoW and you’ve checked ISXWarden to be okay, log ingame and bring down console again.

2. Type into console:

run openbot/openbot

This should load the ingame interface.

Going into the rest of the steps for Openbot Configuration takes a lot of detailed explanation. By way of a quick search, you would find that the full steps are available at most sites offering WoW Bot and other gaming tools.