Oculus (Part 2) – Energize Your Sorc With Elemental Spell Damage, Life, Vitality and Teleportation!

+20 to Vitality

+20 to Energy

A +20 points to both Vitality and Energy is a godsend for Sorceresses. More Vitality means more Life, something the Sorceress is lacking with since she only gets 2 hit points per point invested in Vitality. More Energy is also good, since more Energy means more Mana, and the Sorceress, being a powerful caster type, needs the Mana to power her many Spells.

50% Better Chance of Getting Magic Items

Diablo 2 is all about getting the best items for your character. With the right items, your character becomes tougher to kill, is able to deal more damage, and just generally becomes more of a bad-ass.

An MF  (Magic Find) Run in a Diablo 2 game is where players equip their characters with items that offers the mod %Better chance of Getting Magic Items, where a higher % is better in terms of increasing the chances of getting better item drops from unique monsters, but while still being able to dish out decent damage.

Since Sorceresses depends on their Spells, not their melee weapons to do damage, it means that when she eventually goes on a MF Run, your Sorceress can keep wielding her Oculus without any drop in her abilities, and still enjoy a nice 50% MF bonus.


The Oculus is a very well-round Sorceress caster weapon. However, the other two unique Sorceress Orbs offer more specialized mods, and are better options if the Sorceress prefers to focus solely on upping her elemental spell damage (Eschuta’s Temper for Fire and Lighting Spell damage increase, and Death’s Fathom for Cold Spell damage increase).