World of Warcraft – Farming Runecloth at Expedition Armory

In previous posts, I examined the possibilities — or lack thereof — of farming Runecloth in Azeroth, as opposed to the blessed Outlands.

Today, I farmed the Holy Grail of Runecloth (outside of instances, of course), the Expedition Armory. The Expedition Armory is a destroyed town just south of Honor Hold in Hellfire Peninsula.

It is a depressing kind of place, haunted by 2 types of ghosts: the nice ghosts, who just walk around and work and laugh and do other ghostly activities, and bad ghosts, with which you can interact and that actually drop the Runecloth.

Once again, Grunman was the designated Runecloth farmer, a task with which he is getting well acquainted.

There are 3 types of mobs, and here are their “official” Runecloth drop rates:

  • Unyielding Footman – 34%
  • Unyielding Knight – 34%
  • Unyielding Sorcerer – 34%

To the untrained eye, these drop rates may seem similar. Indeed they are. However, it SEEMED to me that the Sorcerers were more generous in their Runecloth contributions, often dropping three at a time.

Grunman spent one hour going around and around the Armory, killing everything that moved, and here is the total tally:

  • Cash Loot – 12g 18s 19c
  • Vendor Trash – 6g 2s 17c
  • Traveler’s Backpack – 17g (yeah, right)
  • One other green – Maybe 5g
  • Runecloth – 111
  • Netherweave – 16

The best thing about Expedition Armory is the respawn rate. Assuming the place is not crowded by pesky Alliance players doing quests, or G*d forbid, other farmers, you will never run out of things to kill — you can ALWAYS see your next victim –, nor will you be swamped by freshly spawned mobs.

All in all, farming Runecloth in that location is time well spent, assuming you actually need it. Granted, the green drops won’t disenchant into anything cooler than Arcane Dust (most of the time), but you’ll make more than enough money to cover repairs, and you’ll be able to level your tailoring by several points an hour.