A Complete Newbie’s Guide To Mahjong Online – Dealing The Hand

Playing Mahjong Online may not be like playing the game with your friends as online gaming is slightly more difficult. It’s important to know the proper rules and terminologies used in the game to advance in the online world. If you are an absolute beginner, you’ll find a lot of information is essential for your success. The main issue that haunted many Mahjong players is the lack of information in English as most of the original rules are still available only in Cantonese and Japanese.

To begin with, let’s stay away from uncommon rules and regulations as it can be quite puzzling for the newcomer. Building a hand plays a very important role when it comes to Mahjong and let’s see how this is done effectively!

  • Hand – Each player has to deal with 13 tiles and when his/her turn comes, they have to either keep or discard tiles. It’s very important to maintain observation on available tiles so that you can plan your future move ahead. Use the last tile or the one you drew to form the winning hand. Obviously, the rule is pretty simple but the right implementation makes all the difference.
  • Mentsu – You have to create separate groups of three tiles and other pairs, which is called Mentsu. Since Mahjong tiles look quite identical, keen observation is necessary to understand whether you’re picking up the right one or not. You can form Sequence, Sets and Triplets to win the game. You also need a Kantsu, a four tile pair that’s counted as a meld.
  • Luck Vs Skill – Arguably, luck is very important in the game but it’s not necessary that only the lucky ones win. As a matter of fact, most successful players are the ones who deal with their tiles consciously. For instance, when your opponent is making the draw (computer for online games), you can use it to pon if in case you have the same tile. This will also help you to discard one tile that’s absolutely unnecessary for your hand. You can complete a Shuntsu if the player is at your left!

Winning Mahjong is all about dedicated observation and an eye for detail. You can’t afford to miss even a single second’s attention from the game because a minor mistake can take the game away from you. This is the same with Mahjong Online too. For a dedicated player, winning Mahjong is quite easy with these tips!