How to Make Money on Betfair – The Secret of Greening Up

The term ‘greening up’ on Betfair may be familiar to you. For some it’s the holy grail of trading on Betfair. But how is possible to green up on Betfair and will it really make you money consistently?

The difference between matched betting sites like Betfair and traditional bookmakers is that they allow us to lay events and outcomes as well as back them. For example we can bet that a horse will lose its race or that a football team will lose its match. Gambling and betting markets are just like financial markets – they ebb and flow and are driven by greed and fear! These movements and fluctuations create opportunties to green up and make money on Betfair.

Let’s look at an example in the horse laying system market. The horse Lucky Lad is well fancied by the experts and has won three of of it’s five recent races. The night before the race it’s a very firm favourite and is available to lay on Betfair at the short price of 2.0. Other experts, however, see that there are two very strong contendors in the race and that one is ridden by a jockey who hasn’t lost at the track in his last 4 races. The following day money starts to move to the other two horses as the market follows the view that they might win and this causes Lucky Lad’s price to drift out to 3.0 on Betfair. Can you see the opportunity here? If we made a lay bet on Lucky Lad for £100 at the price of 2.0 by the time he drifted out to 3.0 we could back him for £100 with a profit of £50 if he wins and no loss if he doesn’t!

To green up this bet we would split the stake over the horses and ensure that whichever wins we make a small profit. There are free Betfair calculators and bots which can make the calculations for you. Greening up on Betfair is of course much easier when there are fewer possible outcomes – for example a football or tennis match. Here as before we look for price changes in the market which mean we can both back and lay and lock in a profit.

Greening up bets takes practise and patience but can be hugely rewarding and is worth the time to explore.

Betfair Secret Strategies of the Gurus – In Play Trading

The great Betfair secret which many people fail to realise for some time is the potential for profits by trading. With a good strategy and a little experience I believe trading is the real revolution in betting.

Betfair and other betting exchanges offer many advantages over traditional bookmakers including –

1) Odds to ‘back’ are often considerably better than most bookmakers. This is particularly the case for the more ‘outsiders.’ For example, a horse with odds of 15-1 in a traditional bookmaker is likely to be offered at more like 18-1 or even 20-1 on an exchange. Over time this can make the difference between profit and loss!

2) The ability to ‘lay’ a selection. This in effect makes us the ‘bookie’ and we can bet that our selection or team will lose. This opens up a whole range of opportunities. Put another way let’s take a 10 horse race. If you lay one of the runners you have nine running for you instead of just one! I advise caution however and you need to follow a proven, profitable laying system to make money.

3) The range of bets available. Let’s take football or soccer betting as an example. Traditionally we could bet that a team would win, maybe that the match would end a draw or perhaps the final score. We now literally have hundreds of betting markets and we can combine these for profit as I do in my Alpha Football Trading system.

As far as Betfair trading is concerned the key feature offered in that of In Play betting. This means that we can literally make bets during the match depending on what we expect to happen. We can react to goals scored, injuries and other things happening and it becomes a live market to trade in rather than a case of place a bet and sit back and hope for the best!

In Play betting is available on a wide range of sports and events from horse racing to tennis, snooker to football. Betting bots are now available which can make incredibly fast transactions and have again enhanced the profit potential. A bot is only as good as the strategy or system it’s used for and this is the first step to successful trading.

The ultimate goal of the trader is to achieve a ‘Green Screen’ on Betfair. This means you have achieved a position that whatever the outcome you will make a profit. This is a fantastic thing to achieve but using a solid system like Alpha Football Trader it’s quite easy to achieve. How much you can make depends on the betting bank you have available and as your experience grows you will see profits rise.

Betfair In Play Trading – The Betfair Secret for Profits

What’s the secret for real long term profits on Betfair? My ten years experience and constant testing would say it’s using Betfair trading strategies.

An ever increasing number of events and markets on Betfair now have the ‘In Play’ option. To clarify what this means let’s take the example of a football match. In a traditional bet the market is frozen once the game kicks off and we have to wait for the final outcome to know if we’ve won or lost. In Play betting means we can literally do that. We can wait until the match has played for a while before deciding which way it might go. Or more excitingly, we can start with one bet and then make others to trade for a profit on Betfair as the match unfolds.

A similar strategy is possible on horse racing and many other sports and events but the fast nature of these mean some type of betting bet may be needed. You can of course use a betting bot for football but the nature of the game means manual trading is also possible.

One of the oldest and most common strategies is that of ‘lay the draw.’ As the name suggests, this involves laying the draw (betting that the match won’t end as a draw) before kick off. We then make Betfair trading bets as the game unfolds. Ideally one team will score a goal and the odds of the match ending as a draw shift. This gives us the chance to place another bet and lock in a profit.

The ultimate position to be in is often called ‘greening up’ and many experienced traders view this is the true Betfair secret. Anyone familiar with how the site works will know that green indicates a winning position. By combining bets it’s possible to ‘green up’ meaning that whatever happens and whichever team wins we still make a profit.

I have tested many strategies and have concluded that the football (or soccer) markets are the best place for profitable Betfair trading. The vast range of markets opens up many opportunities. For example, we can back the next team to score a goal, the final score, even the score at half-time. All of these create options.

When I teach people trading I encourage a ‘paper’ approach at first. Watching the impact of changes during play is key in making long term profits. An understanding of how odds shift is a key skill.