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20 February, 2015

Moong Sprouts to boost your energy

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Making sprouted moong is not a horrendous task and can be made at home even by a novice. This is a highly nutritious food supplement and I would suggest including them in everyday diet as it is a rich source of vitamins, proteins and minerals. Moong Sprout is easy to digest as the production of enzymes increases to metabolize the protein it contains. Though easily available at the grocery stores sprouting at home is a hygienic option and it won’t cost much. But in case you want to buy, opt for sprout shoots which are short and look for flabby variety which is not slippery, flaccid, or gristly.

Moong Sprout preparation

Preparing Moong Sprouts

Moong sprouts taste crunchy and are an important ingredient to refreshing salads and yummy sandwiches. Add a little lemon to plain sprouts and salt to give it a sharp or tangy taste. Sprouted moongs are an important element in variety of delicious recipes like Moong Bhel ,Dahi Kachoori, Pav Bhaji and ofcourse, Moong Dal Salad.

Direction for Moong Sprout

Remove all stones & Wash Moong Beans 3-4 times.

Now keep them in bowl filled with water during the night.( 8 hours)

Next day Drain all the water From the Bowl. Take a wet muslin cloth and place swelled & swoft moong Beans in it.


(Transfer Moong beans to Colander and cover it with wet muslin cloth with a Rubber Band tied around it.)

Tie the cloth and hang it for a day. In case the cloth turns dry sprinkle some water to keep it moist.


Moong Sprout Tied in Muslin Cloth


Within a day or two depending on the climate the sprouts will appear. In winter it would longer than summers.

Healthy Moong Sprouts

Moong Sprouts Recipe

For better results do not disturb the sprouts and sprinkle them as and when required.

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