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31 October, 2014

Indian Aloo Tikki – Simple and Stuffed

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Crispy spicy famous Indian street food . “Aloo” means potato, and the word “tikki” means a small cutlet or croquette. It is easy to cook and involves a shallow fry technique. All the ingredients are easily available and you can prepare it in your kitchen. Tikki is served best when hot. Tikki rolled into small balls is a good appetizer and can made large for veggie burgers.


Ingredients for Aloo Tikki

1) 4-5 medium sized potatoes
2) 1 tsp shah Jeera or regular jeera (cumin seeds)
3) Salt
4) 1/2 tsp Red Chilli Powder,
5) 2-3 green chillies finely chopped,
6) Few Coriander(Dhania) Leaves finely chopped,
7) 4-5 small slices of bread,
8) Oil for frying
9) ¼ mint leaves.

Filling for Aloo Tikki

1) One finely chopped onion
2) Ginger
3) 2 green chillies,
4) Coriander Leaves,
5)1/2 tea spoon of Dhania Powder,
6)1/2 tea spoon Jeera powder,
7)1/2 tea spoon of amchoor powder.

Directions to Make Aloo Tikki

1) Boil potatoes in pan or pressure cooker .

2) Peel the outer layer and mesh the potatoes using a masher.

3) Mix cumin seeds, 1/2 tsp Red Chilli Powder, 2-3 green chillies, finely chopped few coriander leaves finely chopped.

4) Soak the bread in water for few seconds. Squeeze out the excess water. Now mesh the bread into small pieces and mix the bread crumbles in the potato batter. Bread will make the dough better and tikki will not break while frying

5) Add salt as per taste. Mix the batter well and knead it into a good dough.

6) Rub few drops of oil onto your palm and knead the dough together.


7) Make the tennis size ball of the dough .Divide the dough into small balls and flatten it out using oil.

Tikki5 Tikki6

8) Now we will fry it. Take 1 cup oil and pour it into skillet.

9)Now light up the gas stove and pour 1 cup of oil into the skillet. Wait till the oil gets hot. To make sure that oil is hot put a tiny piece of potato into the pan, if the oil bubbles then the oil is hot.

Tikki7 Tikki8

10) You can also use non-stick pan to cook. Drizzle some oil and cook till the both sides turn golden brown.

Now if you want to do the filling (Stuffed Aloo Tikki)* Take the flattened croquette.* Add ½ a teaspoon of dhania(coriander powder) to the onions, ginger, chilli and coriander mixture.* Add ¼ a tsp of red chilli powder.* Add ¼ tea spoon of jeera powder.

* Add ¼ tsp of amchoor powder. Add salt to taste. Mix all the ingredients together. Filling ready.

(Don’t be precise vary the ingredients according to your taste and health needs)

11)Gently slide the tikki cutlet into the skillet in order to avoid any splash. Now slide in other tikki cutlet depending on the size of your skillet/griddle. Flip each pattie upside down and cook till the other side gets brown.

12)Transfer the tikkis into the absorbent paper(tissue) so that the excess oil gets soaked.

13)Serve hot yummy tikkis with tomato ketchup or chutney.

14)Enjoy tikkis with your family and friends. Sharing and serving will triple the joy.

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