Final Fantasy XIV Different Races

HYUR – This race is more or less human, divided into Highlanders and Midlanders. The Highlanders are physically bulkier and larger than the Midlanders, once governed the state of Ala Mhigo. The Garlean Empire invaded their state and with their homeland destroyed, they now are mercenaries. Only male characters are allowed to play Highlanders. The Midlanders emphasizes on education and are the most cultured in the world.

ELEZEN – An Elf-like race and the original inhabitants of Eorzea divided into Dusklight and Wildwood Elezen. The Dusklight are a reclusive clan that dwells in caverns and caves, with a heightened sense of hearing. Wildwood lives in the forests and possesses a keen sense of sight, with an unparalleled expertise in archery. They dislike another immensely.

MIKOTTE – Cat-like humanoids divided into two religious sects. Seekers of the Sun are dedicated to the Sun Goddess, Azeyma the Warden. The Keepers of the Moon dedicated to the Moon Goddess, Memphina the Lover. Only female players can play this race.

ROEGADY – They are from the Northern regions, known as Hells guard, and Sea Wolves. The Sea wolves were fearsome pirates long ago, now they are only sailors or naval mercenaries. The Hells guard dwell on volcanic grounds, are masters of martial art, guarding hells gates. Only males can play Hells guards.

LALAFELL – They are physically diminutive humanoids of high intelligence and agility. They hail from the Southern regions, and known as Plainsfolk and Dunesfolk. The Plains are earthy folk that thrives on the prairies, whereas the Dunesfolk live on enormous beasts of burden and wear gemstones in their forehead, signifying their zodiacal signs.