Happy WOW "Feast of Winter Veil" – Get Ready to Make Some Gold

Happy Feast of Winter Veil, is it not too early for that?

The Feast is WOW Christmas, it start in less than a month, and if you will like to start a new character (on a new server or on an old one you are already playing), and especially if you want to make some gold out of it, then the answer to the question above is NO!

If you want to have a very nice Winter Veil Feast this year you need to get prepared, and get your Small Eggs ready for selling on the WOW Auction House.

Last year the average price for Small Egg (per one) was 1 gold to 1.5 gold, depending on your servers, but in the beginning of the WOW Winter Veil Feast holiday Small Eggs were sold for up to 3 gold per one. Yes that was a very good Feast of Winter Veil that year… I made over 2000 gold just from selling and reselling Small Eggs on the WOW Auction House.

So if you will like to have a happy WOW Feast of Winter Veil this year, you can start farming for the Eggs today, save them for the Feast of Winter Veil holiday, and make yourself a lot of gold in the process.

Why Small Eggs Sell For So Much Gold?

Everyone needs Small Eggs on Winter Veil Feast to complete the Winter Veil Feast quest. Many high level players do not want to waste time getting it (the Small Egg come from a variety of low level mobs, see below). Also as all characters need 5 of the Small Eggs during the small time window of the WOW Feast of Winter Veil, the heavy farming make it harder to get it. That is why you need to start today!

Where To Find Small Eggs In WOW?

Here is a list of mobs you can farm for to get the Eggs (Levels of mob):

  • Azuremyst Isle: Aberrant Owlbeast (8-10), Chieftain Oomooroo (11), Crazed Wildkin (9-10), Deranged Owlbeast (8-9), Greater Timberstrider (7-9), Raving Owlbeast (9-10), Timberstrider (6-8) and Timberstrider Fledgling (5-6).
  • Darkshore: Moonkin (12-13), Moonkin Oracle (13-14), Raging Moonkin (12-14) and Young Moonkin (11-12).
  • The Barrens: Lunaclaw (12, you will also find this one at Darkshore).
  • Loch Modan: Lord Condar (15-16 but Rare) and Mountain Buzzard (15-16).
  • Mulgore: Swoop (7-9), Taloned Swoop (8-10) and Wiry Swoop (5-7).
  • Redridge Mountains: Dire Condor (14-19).
  • Teldrassil: Strigid Hunter (8-9), Strigid Owl (5-6) and Strigid Screecher (7-8).
  • Westfall: Fleshripper (12-14), Greater Fleshripper (16-17) and Young Fleshripper (10-11)

But your best spot for Small Egg is in -Eversong Woods. There you will find the Crazed Dragonhawk (2-8) and Feral Dragonhawk Hatchling (1-6), with 100% drop rate.

This is a good way to start on a new server, you just combine it with your leveling, and this way, in less than a month – you can have a new server you can dominate, with no gold holdback. That is the WOW Gold Maker way, and have a nice WOW Feast of Winter Veil, happy holiday to all…

World of Warcraft – Farming Runecloth at Expedition Armory

In previous posts, I examined the possibilities — or lack thereof — of farming Runecloth in Azeroth, as opposed to the blessed Outlands.

Today, I farmed the Holy Grail of Runecloth (outside of instances, of course), the Expedition Armory. The Expedition Armory is a destroyed town just south of Honor Hold in Hellfire Peninsula.

It is a depressing kind of place, haunted by 2 types of ghosts: the nice ghosts, who just walk around and work and laugh and do other ghostly activities, and bad ghosts, with which you can interact and that actually drop the Runecloth.

Once again, Grunman was the designated Runecloth farmer, a task with which he is getting well acquainted.

There are 3 types of mobs, and here are their “official” Runecloth drop rates:

  • Unyielding Footman – 34%
  • Unyielding Knight – 34%
  • Unyielding Sorcerer – 34%

To the untrained eye, these drop rates may seem similar. Indeed they are. However, it SEEMED to me that the Sorcerers were more generous in their Runecloth contributions, often dropping three at a time.

Grunman spent one hour going around and around the Armory, killing everything that moved, and here is the total tally:

  • Cash Loot – 12g 18s 19c
  • Vendor Trash – 6g 2s 17c
  • Traveler’s Backpack – 17g (yeah, right)
  • One other green – Maybe 5g
  • Runecloth – 111
  • Netherweave – 16

The best thing about Expedition Armory is the respawn rate. Assuming the place is not crowded by pesky Alliance players doing quests, or G*d forbid, other farmers, you will never run out of things to kill — you can ALWAYS see your next victim –, nor will you be swamped by freshly spawned mobs.

All in all, farming Runecloth in that location is time well spent, assuming you actually need it. Granted, the green drops won’t disenchant into anything cooler than Arcane Dust (most of the time), but you’ll make more than enough money to cover repairs, and you’ll be able to level your tailoring by several points an hour.

Top 5 Windows PC Games

The free to play PC games phenomenon has changed the gaming landscape over the past few years. Now even +++ rated games are challenged by free to play games. There are innumerable kind of games available today to play free on your system. It contains all sort of games. This free to play games list is long and here we can discuss the top 5 Windows PC games. In fact, games are considered to be the great source of entertainment.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2016: This is widely played football video game for last 20 years and admired by millions of users. Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) 2016 is the official video game of UEFA Champions League, UEFA Super Cup, UEFA Europa League. This award-winning series is returned packed with all new features in 2016 edition. Completely overhauled “Master League”, new night time lighting and player models, improved human motion, dynamic weather features, deeper team intelligence and lot has been added to this version.

Dota 2: Defense of the Ancients (DOTA) is a modified version of the old game Warcraft 3. Dota is the game of strategy and action. This is played by millions of passionate fans worldwide professionally and casually. You can pick a hero from the pool of heroes, form two teams of five players and battle with counterparts to control a fantasy landscape. It supports stealth, cunning, and outright warfare. In this game, every hero has an array of capabilities and skills. This game provides brilliant gaming experience.

Killer Instinct: This game has arrived packed with all new features. Rocking reactive music, over-the-top action, a wild cast of combatants, all new visuals and commendable C-C-C-COMBO Breakers it carries all fantastic features which make it one of the most admired games. You can choose from long list of combatants with various animations, exclusive combat tactics, and special attacks. It offers online multiplayer cross play, free fighter, powerful combatants, customization options, 20 stages and lot more. Above all, you can play it anywhere with the Cloud between Xbox and Windows 10.

Angry Birds: This is one of the most played and admired games in the world. Millions of users have enjoyed this game. It takes you back in old times into galaxy far away. Where a group of rebel birds faced off against the Empire’s evil Pigtroopers. It allows you to enjoy the adventure with Angry Birds in the legendary Star Wars universe. You need to fight Pigtroopers to finally face off against the terrifying Darth Vader. It is the fight to become a Jedi master and restore freedom to the galaxy.

Asphalt 8 Airborne: This game is played by millions of users over time. With 140+ official speed machines, stunning graphics, ultimate multiplayer racing experience this arcade game play at its finest. It offers you 400+ career events, 1500 car mastery challenges, five unique game modes, 40+ high-speed tracks and lot more. It allows interaction between the vehicles, environment. You can experience multiplayer action for up to 12 opponents.

The above-mentioned games are just a glimpse of the long list of amazing PC games available today. You can choose games of your choice from different categories. In fact, there are hundreds and thousands of games that are available for almost each category. Play these games to learn and entertain yourself for good reasons.

Bul Kathos – Add Skills, Life and Stamina to Your Diablo II Experience As You Hack Down Demons!

Bul-Kathos, in Diablo Lore, is believed to be one of the first humans to be born in the world of Sanctuary, who are commonly referred to as Nephalem. He was also believed to be the guardian of Mount Arreat itself. Bul-Kathos’ Wedding Band is a unique Ring. With Life Leech and a boost to Life, it would be a good choice of a ring for melee characters.

The Stats:

Level Requirement: 58

+1 to All Skills

+0-49 to Life (+0.5 per Character Level)

3-5% Life Stolen per Hit (varies)

+50 to Maximum Stamina

+1 to All Skills

+ to All Skills is a mod that often benefits casters more than melee characters since the former depends purely on their Skills to do damage, while the latter can depend on their weapons for some of the damage they inflict on their foes. However, a +1 To All Skills will not go remiss with a melee character, because it improves the Skills they use to do even more damage on top of the damage dealt out from their weapons.

+0-49 to Life (+0.5 per Character Level)

Bul Kathos’ Wedding Band gives a nice bonus to Life. At the minimum level when your character would be able to wear it, the Band 29 extra hit points. While this may seem small, it is nothing to sniff at, and sometimes, 29 hit points can spell the difference between life and death.

3-5% Life Stolen per Hit (varies)

Life Leech is a desirable mod for any character that deals physical damage with their weapons. Since they are always in thick of battle, they also tend to suffer the most hits. Therefore, it would be advantageous to most melee characters to have a way to regain Life quickly. One way to do is by downing potions, and another way would be to rely on the Paladin’s Prayer Aura, but sometimes you might run out of rejuvenation potions, and a Paladin’s Prayer Aura takes a while to refill the Life bubble.

Life Leech is a quick way to regain hit points, because most melee characters are constantly bashing and hitting their opponents, and with a high percentage of Life Leech you will definitely notice how quickly the Life bubble fills up.

 +50 to Maximum Stamina

While this might seem like a huge bonus to Stamina, at Level 58, most players should not be having any Stamina issues.


Bul Kathos’ Wedding Band is a simple ring with a few mods, but they are all good mods, and well suited for a melee character.

Racing Games – Adventure and Fun

Ever since the internet became a worldwide phenomenon, online games have been gaining in popularity to the point where they are the most popular and played games in the world. In this setting a few games and genres stand out among the rest and truly deserve the title of best and most addictive online games ever. One such superstar genre is racing games. Everywhere you look there are cars or bikes or even aeroplanes to race! It is no surprise that some online racing games are the most popular games ever.

Racing sports can trace their roots back to the 1970s when the genre first started taking shape and through the 80s and 90s, the category was honed and pruned into the form it has taken today online. Everyone has heard names like NFS or Crazy Taxi, but what is it about these games that make them so popular and addictive? One reason could be that they put you in a place which you just can’t go in your everyday life – in the driving seat of a car going at 200 mph. It is the joy of any adventurous kid or teenager to get behind the wheel of a super fast car and drive like they had never driven before. That adrenaline rush is one of the most memorable childhood memories for many adults.

But the days of plain and simple racing are almost at an end. Some racing sports like NFS have become flagships for the future of racing games. It has diversified so that not only are you racing as a race car driver, but you can also race a criminal or a policeman or a fugitive or an undercover agent! Really advanced racing games come equipped with a story line which makes playing the game that much more interesting. Another really popular feature of some racing games is the use of esoteric vehicles like trains or monster trucks. How many times in a year can any average person sit behind the wheel of a monster truck or race down a railway line?

While any kind of racing game is popular, online games have the added advantage of connectivity. You can play with people half way around the globe and sharpen your skills against pros. Racing games are all about hand eye coordination and so they improve your reflexes (next time somebody has a problem with you playing too many racing games you can scare them away with your cat-like reflexes!)

One thing to remember when playing racing games is that the genre is constantly changing and diversifying. Try out new kinds of races and find one that you really like, even cops and robbers games are sometime classified under this category to have you can try a whole lot of different styles of play. Racing is all about the speed and enjoyment of the thrill of racing down a road or railway or racetrack without actually killing anyone. With the thousands of variations available there is sure to be one just right for you.

A Complete Newbie’s Guide To Mahjong Online – Dealing The Hand

Playing Mahjong Online may not be like playing the game with your friends as online gaming is slightly more difficult. It’s important to know the proper rules and terminologies used in the game to advance in the online world. If you are an absolute beginner, you’ll find a lot of information is essential for your success. The main issue that haunted many Mahjong players is the lack of information in English as most of the original rules are still available only in Cantonese and Japanese.

To begin with, let’s stay away from uncommon rules and regulations as it can be quite puzzling for the newcomer. Building a hand plays a very important role when it comes to Mahjong and let’s see how this is done effectively!

  • Hand – Each player has to deal with 13 tiles and when his/her turn comes, they have to either keep or discard tiles. It’s very important to maintain observation on available tiles so that you can plan your future move ahead. Use the last tile or the one you drew to form the winning hand. Obviously, the rule is pretty simple but the right implementation makes all the difference.
  • Mentsu – You have to create separate groups of three tiles and other pairs, which is called Mentsu. Since Mahjong tiles look quite identical, keen observation is necessary to understand whether you’re picking up the right one or not. You can form Sequence, Sets and Triplets to win the game. You also need a Kantsu, a four tile pair that’s counted as a meld.
  • Luck Vs Skill – Arguably, luck is very important in the game but it’s not necessary that only the lucky ones win. As a matter of fact, most successful players are the ones who deal with their tiles consciously. For instance, when your opponent is making the draw (computer for online games), you can use it to pon if in case you have the same tile. This will also help you to discard one tile that’s absolutely unnecessary for your hand. You can complete a Shuntsu if the player is at your left!

Winning Mahjong is all about dedicated observation and an eye for detail. You can’t afford to miss even a single second’s attention from the game because a minor mistake can take the game away from you. This is the same with Mahjong Online too. For a dedicated player, winning Mahjong is quite easy with these tips!

Flying Games Online – Hostile Skies

Hostile Skies is an online flying game available free on the web through many arcade game websites. The game features highly detailed graphics, sound score and special effects. As soon as you click on this game to engage in play, you will notice the detail of the graphics in the intro screen, giving you a preview of what’s to come, and the amount of effort invested in this application.

This is a very active and fast paced game, for which the user is given short and straightforward instructions in order to move along swiftly. To fly the plane simply move your mouse cursor around the screen, position forward to move faster, and hover left to fly slower. Use you left mouse button to fire your machine gun, and press the spacebar to drop your bombs. Special instructions are given to land the plane safely. One must slow down by moving your mouse to the left, than position the plane on the ground slowly. However, any sudden moves or steep entrance will cause your plane to crash.

Hostile skies encompass different levels or missions, for which the player will be given a short briefing before each round. For example in the first mission, you play a fighter pilot named Billy Coppins, from the French army. Your mission is to defeat all enemy fighters and land safely in the landing strip. Gauges will be available to the player on the top of the screen, letting him know about important information on the flight status of his mission, including the distance remaining before reaching the landing strip. This piece of information is very important, since you need to anticipate your moves in order to prepare for a proper landing. Additionally, the player will be advised with a large sign that pops up in the screen that the landing strip is about to be reached and you need to slow down.

If you ever make it past the first level, the second takes place in the English Channel in 1917, where forces are putting together an attack. You play Charlie Cooper and your mission is to defend the coastline. You will notice a higher grade of difficulty at this level, mostly in the form of seaborne attacks originating from the guns on the battle ships. Your enemies will move much faster and make diagonal shots at your plane.

When the game is finished the player will have the opportunity to submit his score, and compare his abilities with other players around the world. Overall, Hostile Skies is a fun flying game that kids of all ages will enjoy at some level. It is very detailed as far as graphics and animations. The game is also historically accurate, offering only planes and weapons which correspond to the designated era, which is World War II. The easy to use controls allow for a fast paced game where gamers can spend more time at having fun, rather than reading extensive instructions and learning a vast amount of control settings and weapons.

Guild Wars 2 – The Elementalist Gameplay

If you make the decision to give the Elementalist a try, you will be capable to make use of different elements, for example, fire, water, air and earth skills. This will allow the player, as an example to focus fire damage and use water based attunement as a protective skill at one time.

Players that like spell casters are usually very likely to enjoy playing this class.

At the same time reading through the following Guild Wars 2 Elementalist Guide you are about to get far more information about the Elementalist Gameplay.

Elementalist – How to play?

As I actually mentioned earlier, with an Elementalist you have gotten the ability to switch through all of the 4 Elements which usually gives you many of freedom in Combat; earth (for support and protection), air (for spike damage and movement), water (for recovery and assistance) and fire (for straight destruction).

The Elementalist can switch these elements depending on their situation in battle.

Keep in Mind, skills are based on which weapon they tend to use and your actually situation in Combat. Attunement can be swapped during battle and also outside of combat. However, the combo used by a person is based on her unique playing style.

It is also crucial to know that Elementalists in GW2 possess the skill to use Auras, Cantrips, Conjure skills, Arcane skills and Glyphs. So, what’s that? Well, Cantrips, for example, gives a little more survivability to the Elementalist.

It could get the Elementalist out from the Stunned state and also add some longer lasting effects if they are in a battle. In this Guild Wars 2 Elementalist Guide, we have a look at a lot more Skills that could be used by the Gamer.

Auras, the following one in the checklist, are generally magical shields which surround the Elementalist. An enemy which hits the Aura shielding the Elementalist is going to have its power reduced.

Arcane skills are often defined as instant cast spells on enemies. All of the spells deal critical damage, with the exception of the Arcane Shield, this Shield can be used for blocking enemy attacks and minimize their damage. In addition, it explodes after its been hit Three times in a row.

Conjure skills represent weapons and items summoned by an Elementalist as well as his allies. Each conjured weapon has its very own skill bar.

Finally, Glyphs are used to improve the Elementalist skills. They could also generally be used for attunement based spells.

Elementalist Armor

In Guild Wars 2, the Elementalist can only equip lightweight Gear in the game, which allows him to better use movement and speed skills. The access to weapons is minimal. An Elementalist can equip Five weapons overall. On the other hand, by including the Four different attunements, the Elementalist has twenty different weapon sets available to use.

On their off-hand, a staff or dagger is generally used, while their main hand allows equipping a dagger, staff or scepter. Equipped Weapon’s also can affect your very own playing style, so its necessary to find out which one to work with.

As an example, it is wise to use a staff simply if you do not need to cover a large spot of enemies. On the other Hand, if you wish to dominate in 1-on-1 combat, Daggers should be your very first choice. Bear in mind that an ideal weapon choice does not exist. It’s your decision which of them to use, based upon your situation and playing style.

Ways To Earn Astral Diamonds In Neverwinter

Neverwinter is a massively multiplayer online role playing game that is free to play. This game from Cryptic Studios has recently been released for PlayStation 4 adding to the thrill of the game. It is basically fictional based on Forgotten Realms city of Neverwinter from Dungeons and Dragons but it a standalone game that is not part of previous Neverwinter Night series.

In this exciting game, Astral diamonds are most useful currency types and they work in synergy with Zen which is the real money currency in Neverwinter. You will need the currency for certain services in the game, including Auction House and time savers as you play. The diamond can also help you speed up the completion process of some activities in the game. This means, therefore that as you play, you need to think of ways that you can earn as many Neverwinter diamonds as possible. Fortunately, there is more than one way that you can start stashing the valuable currency to help you in the different stages of the game or even exchange them for ZEN.

Sell items at Auction House – When you run a given dungeon, you will obtain loot and that will be very useful for your character. You can sell the loot at Auction House for diamonds. The house used AD as currency and you will therefore profit when you sell some of your items. There are also reliable online platforms that buy your items for the diamonds and you can also use such services for the same kind of profits; just ensure that at the end of the day they offer you value for the items that you are selling.

Take part in the events – In the game, you will get the opportunity to do given activities to gain bonus rewards that are usually in Astral diamonds. Among the special events that you can take part in to gain the diamonds is the Skirmish special event. These events appear by default at the top right corner of your screen or in the lower section of the landing page. Take advantage of the events whenever you can and make some diamonds.

Do different daily quests – The daily quests are some of the best ways of earning yourself AD, There are so many of them and you can choose what you love most to enjoy the rewards. Remember that the rewards will differ from one daily quest to another, so activate as many as you are comfortable with and complete them to enjoy the rewards.

Make progress in leadership – Leadership profession makes it possible for you to send assets to collect some diamonds. The more the progress in leadership profession the more the rewards you get. Find out ways to progress in leadership profession and you will start seeing your Astral diamonds accumulate.

Sell Zen – In the game there is the possibility of transferring ZEN into AD. You can also choose to exchange items for AD with the proper trader; jeweled idols are some of the items that you can easily exchange for the diamonds.

WoW Priest Leveling Guide – Use a Leveling Addon

Most people looking for a WoW Priest Leveling Guide are generally looking for ways they can level a priest as fast as possible.

This is because most believe this class is the hardest to level in the game. The reality is a good WoW leveling addon makes getting any toon to the level cap relatively easy.

As far as what talent build to play for your new priest, I recommend trying out all 3 as you level so you can get a feel for what you will want to do once at the level cap.

A good starting point would be the Shadow tree because you are really going to be limited for healing at lower levels.

Middle levels are usually pretty good for checking out the Holy tree because you will have more survivability with higher level healing spells and you will probably want to run more dungeons. You can get into groups pretty fast as a healer and the 40-60 range is very easy to heal 5-man groups.

I always recommend any new WoW priest try out the Discipline tree once you get closer to the level cap because it is the most fun talent build in my opinion. This spec works well for dungeons, tank healing in 10 or 25 man raid groups and is simply a blast in PVP.

Of course all of the talent builds for this class are extremely powerful and fun at the level cap. The Shadow build can pull some pretty sick damage for players who understand how to play the class.